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Terms & Conditions

  1.  ThinkTamil Academy personnel will not be held responsible for students’ safety prior to their arrival and/or after their departure from the Centre.

  2. ThinkTamil Academy reserves the right to disallow student attendance at the Centre when their temperature is above 38ºC or when deemed too ill by Centre Staff.

  3.  ThinkTamil Academy reserves the right to cancel a class or programme and make changes to the teacher, timetable, and class size. 

  4.  In the event of accidental injury, parents will be contacted immediately. However, if the parents are unreachable, the Centre reserves the right to bring the child to a nearest clinic or call for an ambulance. All such expenses will be borne by the parents.

  5. ThinkTamil Academy will not be responsible or be claimed against at all times for all accidental damages, cost, claims and demands for any loss or damages to personal belongings, injuries or distress or death within and beyond our premises and from the picking up of your children till the dismissal and during all programs (including excursions) planned and/or conducted by us and/or external vendor(s).

  6. The enrolling parent / guardian is required to notify ThinkTamil Academy of any changes to their particulars as per the Registration form.

  7. The enrolling parent / guardian is required to notify ThinkTamil Academy if the child or family members are covid positive or under any form of Stay Home Notice or Quarantine Order. You agree to keep your child at home or pick up from class if he/she presents any medical conditions or is unwell for the safety of everyone. No refunds will be made in the event of any absence. 

  8. ThinkTamil Academy reserves the right to substitute or change teachers without prior notice.

  9. ThinkTamil Academy reserves the right to change or amend any of the above stated Terms & Conditions without any prior notice.

  10. ThinkTamil Academy will use the children's images/videos/works during workshops to be displayed and used for  media and publicity purposes for both internal and external vendors and parties included.

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