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A Bilingual Theatre Training Academy 

About Us

ThinkTheatre will be running a bilingual (Tamil and English) theatre training programme for children aged 4 to 12 years. The kids will explore different elements and themes of theatre, culminating in a production. 

Why ThinkTheatre?

Amazing opportunities await them as they step into the world of theatre. From building confidence in public speaking to being able to speak bilingually to a group of people and being exposed to one of the oldest art forms from a young age are some of the many benefits our children can hope to experience.

Topics that will be covered:

Voice & Speech 
Music & Movement 
Lighting & Staging 
Make - Up 
Stage & TV Acting 
Rehearsal Training



Our programme kick starts on 7th January 2023, Saturday

Classes take place every Saturday, 4pm-6pm, at 20 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 207327*


*Please take note that some sessions may be held at professional venues and the team will inform you beforehand.




Each Month (4 Weeks): $190

Season 1 upfront payment:$900

Only students who graduate from Season 1 will be able to join Season 2 for performance preparation

Season 2 upfront payment:$900

Production Fee*: $105.95


*The production fee consists of tailor made costumes for each child which he or she can keep, covers their meals during bump-ins and production day, booking of professional venues

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