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5 Local Tamil Books Your Child Will Love

We hear you. It is indeed a challenge to find suitable Tamil storybooks for your little one. Many a times, it is a mammoth task to fish out age-appropriate, language-level appropriate, engaging books from the sea of Tamil children's books available in our local libraries. Worry not. We recommend 5 great books that your child between 3 and 8 years old would enjoy.

All 5 books were written and published in Singapore. These books are available in the library and also in our online shop.

1. வீர எறும்பு, Veera Erumbu

2. டுக்கு, Dukku

3. அம்மா அம்மா, Amma Amma

4. கிடைக்குமா?, Kidaikumma?

5. முகமூடி, Mugamudi

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