About Us

ஒரு கதை சொல்லட்டா சார்...

Our Story

Back in 2018, a dream was conceived - to bring the love of Tamil across the island in the most enjoyable way possible in young minds. Today, the very dream has expanded into an entire franchise of educational institutions, enrichment centres, childcare centres and global online classes in five different countries, Think, our brand, has made a mark not just on our little red dot, but across the map - and we strive to do so further.

Our Management

Managing Director

16 years in the Education field and a Montessori trained Early Childhood educator, Ratha P.Velu, our Managing Director, believes that there is always something fun to discover whilst learning. The backbone of ThinkTamil, she heads the 25 teachers and staff of the academy and manages the entire operations of the brand. The Founder of Sunthari, an arm of ThinkTamil Academy, Ratha conducts community outreach with Tamil Women in Singapore and generates workshops for their betterment. A multitasking mother of one, she has a passion for social content and takes marketing her brand seriously. A trained Digital Marketer she handles the strategies, models and framework of her brand. She usually spends her free time engaging in a myriad of activities to better her mind and body such as yoga classes and listening to motivational podcasts.

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Our Team

Our Team is the engine that drives the Academy. Coming from various training backgrounds, they comprise of Administrators, Content Developers, Writers, Storytellers, Early Childhood Educators and Primary School Teachers. They ensure every class is conducted with heart and improved and evolved as time goes by. Their diverse backgrounds also add to the myriad of skills they possess and the diversity they bring into our classrooms. The team has grown and will continue to grow from strength to strength.