The Team

ThinkTheatre Facilitators


Mr Thiruselvam Ayasamy

A familiar face in the local media and theatre industry, Mr Thiruselvam has years of acting and teaching theatre, speech and drama under his belt. Mr Thiruselvam has worked with several renowned local theatre companies and Mediacorp Vasantham as well. His theatre credits range from acting to directing and even has been bestowed an award for Instilling Interest in Tamil Theatre Among Children.  


After leaving the Police Force, Mr Thiruselvam is now a freelance theatre and media artiste.


Ms Sajini Naidu

A well-known and well-loved TV and theatre personality, Ms Sajini has experience in both stage and television acting. Her acting career began in 2007 and ever since she has bagged several awards. Some of the works she has acted in have even gained international recognition. Besides acting, she enjoys working with children.


Ms Sajini is a trained educator with our Ministry of Education and has been a teacher for 9 years. She is now a theatre practitioner and media personality.


Mr T Pariveen

Mr Pariveen’s theatre journey began 12 years ago when he had first taken up a bilingual dual role in a  local production. From then, he has gathered years of experience in the field of theatre and has worn different hats ranging from lighting, sounds, acting and backstage crew. Mr Pariveen is also one the pioneer teachers of ThinkTheatre when it started in 2021.


Mr Pariveen is currently a teacher at an international school in Singapore and ThinkTamil Academy.


Mr Shaikh Yasin Bin Rahmatullah

Mr Shaikh is a freelance bilingual actor whose passion for theatre began at a very young age of 12, when he participated in a drama workshop and performed in the school’s annual cultural show.  And since then he has been practicing theatre and widened his scope from an Actor to Production Manager, Stage Manager, and many other aspects of stage.  He has performed in almost 25 theatre dramas and done various stage-managing roles to more than 30 performances with several outstanding theatre credits and awards under his belt.


He is currently a lead project manager and a freelance theatre educator and practitioner.


Ms Thiviyya D Gansean

Ms Thiviyya embarked on her acting career 8 years ago and has held numerous roles from lead artist to supporting artist. She also has gained many years of experience in learning the different aspects of theatre productions including acting, script writing and as backstage crew.


Ms Thiviyya is a trained early childhood Tamil teacher with 6 years of working experience under her belt, currently teaching.


Ms Rekha Anbalagan

Ms Rekha's interest in Theatre, Speech and Drama began when she was only 9 years old. Eversince, she has worked alongside various Theatre Professionals and companies in the local theatre scene. Her vast theatre experience includes acting, lighting designing, technical crew and co-directing theatre plays in both Tamil and English. Ms Rekha is also one the pioneer teachers of ThinkTheatre when it started in 2021.


She is a trained early childhood educator and has 5 years of working experience in the education industry and is currently teaching in a private institution.